Data observability platform Bigeye announces acquisition of Data Advantage Group


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The acquisition of Data Advantage Group Inc. rapidly elevates Bigeye's support for enterprise data sources and tools.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Bigeye, a data observability company, proudly announces the acquisition of Data Advantage Group, Inc. The integration of Data Advantage Group's extensive data lineage capabilities allow Bigeye to automatically map data lineage across transactional databases, ETL platforms, data lakes, data warehouses, and business intelligence tools.This acquisition gives Bigeye customers the most sophisticated view of data pipelines available to date from a data observability provider.

This acquisition gives Bigeye customers the most sophisticated view of data pipelines to date with data observability.

Data Advantage Group was founded by Geoffrey Arone. The company has spent the last two decades building the world's most comprehensive metadata collection and data lineage platform, MetaCenter. The team leverages more than 20 years of domain expertise to manage metadata, change control, and data governance for enterprises across a range of sectors, from financial services to industrial to government and healthcare.

As enterprises increasingly adopt cloud data warehouses and cloud-native data tools, they leverage a wide range of "traditional" data stack components: application and transactional databases, ETL tools, and BI and analytics tools. The emerging data observability market has primarily focused on supporting these traditional cloud data warehouses, leaving enterprises unable to effectively modernize their data pipeline monitoring. The joint capabilities of Bigeye and Data Advantage Group will lead the market in closing this gap.

Integrating Data Advantage Group's extensive data lineage connectivity will make Bigeye the most advanced platform for mapping complex enterprise data pipelines. Customers gain new data lineage capabilities unique among data observability providers, including the ability to automatically map column-level lineage within transactional databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. Bigeye will also provide job-level visibility within enterprise ETL platforms—including Informatica, Talend, SQL Server Integration Services, and IBM DataStage—to pinpoint pipeline or quality issue root causes down to the exact step in the ETL process. Finally, Bigeye will leverage Data Advantage Group's state-of-the-art connectors to extend visibility into a variety of business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, and others.

"We've met with hundreds of enterprise data teams," says Kyle Kirwan, Bigeye's CEO and co-founder. "Universally, their pipelines are built on a mix of technologies. That's why we're investing in best-in-class lineage support, so we can truly deliver on the promise of end-to-end observability for these enterprises, regardless of how their data stack is built."

The acquisition includes a mixture of cash and equity. The Data Advantage Group team will be retained by Bigeye. New capabilities will gradually become available to Bigeye enterprise customers through regular product launches.

"We are excited to be able to combine the class-leading capabilities of Bigeye's data observability platform with MetaCenter's data lineage automation,"  says Geoff Rayner, CEO of Data Advantage Group. "Both companies are customer focused and design solutions that provide best-in-class automation. I believe our combined solution will deliver a value proposition not found in any other platform on the market today."

Data Advantage Group's acquisition builds upon the success of Bigeye, which solves data quality and data pipeline issues for customers in both the public and private sectors. A recent Bigeye data quality survey survey found that around 250-500 hours are lost every quarter dealing with data pipeline issues. Across Bigeye's customer base, users have saved millions of dollars in operational costs and issue mitigation.

Equipped with Data Advantage Group's lineage and metadata capabilities, Bigeye will help customers unlock the full potential of their data, drive cost reduction, and tackle data issues before they become bigger problems.

For more information on Bigeye's data observability solution, visit www.bigeye.com.

About Bigeye:

Modern businesses rely on accurate, reliable data delivered without interruption. Bigeye was founded by two of Uber's earliest data team managers, and is backed by prominent venture capital investors like Sequoia Capital and Coatue. Bigeye is an industry-leading data observability platform that helps data engineering and science teams ensure data reliability. Organizations like Zoom, Confluent, Unity, and a U.S. national intelligence agency use Bigeye's automated data quality monitoring, ML-powered anomaly detection, and granular root cause analysis to detect and resolve issues before they impact the business.

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