The Flex Co. Breaks New Ground in Women's Health, Acquires Allbodies


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Beyond Period Products: The Flex Co. Steps into In-Person Health Education, Championing a Bold Future in Reproductive and Sexual Wellness

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Flex Company (Flex), the leading sustainable period care brand, today unveiled a major stride in women's health with the acquisition of Allbodies Inc. (Allbodies), a trailblazer in reproductive and sexual health education. This game-changing move amplifies Flex's mission to empower menstruators with comprehensive health solutions. It is the Company's third strategic acquisition.

Since revolutionizing the period care market by creating the menstrual disc category in 2016, Flex has sold over 130 million units, overtaking menstrual cups in U.S. sales. This success stems from their deep commitment to education in period and reproductive health.

Over eight years, Flex's team of "Flexperts" has become a go-to resource for thousands, offering guidance on sexual and reproductive health beyond just their products. A revealing Flex survey highlighted a stark gap in reproductive health knowledge among 375 American Gen Z women, underscoring the need for better education.

  • 71% received limited reproductive health education
  • 48% received abstinence-only sex education
  • 70% can not explain their menstrual cycle
  • 32% don't know the difference between the vulva and vagina
  • 44%, feel uncomfortable talking about or practicing masturbation

Enter Allbodies, known for its inclusive, evidence-based approach to health education. This acquisition brings together Allbodies' robust platforms, rich educational content, and network of health professionals with Flex's innovation, creating a powerhouse in women's health education and product development.

"I fell in love with Lauren Bille's story behind why she started AllBodies because it mirrored my own: we both had serious vagina problems and were being ignored by our doctors," said Lauren Schulte Wang, founder and CEO of Flex. "We both took matters into our own hands. While I focused on developing innovative period products, Lauren built an educational platform. This collaboration feels like a perfect match, and I'm thrilled to bring Allbodies into the Flex family."

Flex now sets a new standard, not just in menstrual care products but in advancing knowledge about periods, hormones, sex, and overall health. The combined vision of both companies is a world where discussions about the vagina are normalized, and every menstruator is educated and included.

Acquisition Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Health Ecosystem: This move creates a full-circle women's health ecosystem, offering top-notch sustainable period products, and expert-led education on reproductive health and wellness.
  • Expertise Integration: Allbodies' team of health educators and practitioners will now enhance Flex's educational initiatives, deepening the impact of their content.
  • Community Engagement: Looking ahead to the 2024 CYCLES+SEX event tour and other initiatives, Flex is set to ignite nationwide conversations on menstrual and sexual health, challenging societal norms.
  • Innovative Product Development: This collaboration fuels the creation of groundbreaking products that cater to the multifaceted needs of women's health, empowering users with confidence and freedom.

"If you're comfortable on your period, you're more comfortable in your life. If you can speak up in the bedroom, you can speak up in the boardroom. Body knowledge, body comfort and sexual pleasure are inextricably linked," said Lauren Bille, CEO/Co-Founder Allbodies. "We are excited to continue building our vision together with Flex."

Effective immediately, Allbodies will operate under the Flex umbrella. The financial details of the transaction remain confidential.

About The Flex Co.

The Flex Co. has a mission to destigmatize periods and help all people with periods thrive. They are the top-selling sustainable period care brand in the U.S. Flex created the menstrual disc category and has sold over 130,000,000 discs. Their award-winning product portfolio is sold in 30,000 retail stores including Walmart, Target and CVS. Now, over 95% of the U.S. population has access to a Flex product within five miles of their home. Based in Venice, California, Flex is FDA-registered and is the sole designer of its products, which are manufactured in the U.S. and Canada. 

About Allbodies

Founded by Ashley Spivak and Lauren Bille, Allbodies is on a mission to help people find more freedom, power and fun with their bodies. They are a platform and community of over 100,000 womxn for holistic women's health education and support. Allbodies offers a library of 60+ online health classes taught by world-class practitioners that cover a range of essential yet overlooked topics, including orgasms, sexual trauma, chronic vaginal infections, painful sex, racism in medicine, fertility after 35 and more. They aim to provide supportive knowledge and tools that give people true agency over their bodies.

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